The Programme

4D Life consists of a series of 48 videos, delivered over 12 weeks.

On joining the programme, you will have instant access to the 4 Introductory videos, and each Monday thereafter you will receive 4 more videos, one from each Dimension.

Please see below for an outline of the programme topics, and the additional support material that’s included.

2Morning Mobilisation 1WaterBreathingInactivity
3Resistance Training 1Whole Foods vs ProcessedNeuroscienceSleep
4Cardio Training 1Wheat & DairyPosture 1Toxins & Environment
5WalkingBreakfastCore 1Stress
6Flexibility & Stretching 1LunchDigestionPlanning & Preparation
7ProgressionEvening MealBalance 1Walking
8Morning Mobilisation 2FatsDual TaskingDrugs
9Resistance Training 2ChrononutritionSkill AcquisitionSitting
10Cardio Training 2SupplementsGait CycleCorrecting Repetition
11Flexibility & Stretching 2Gain/Lose WeightPosture/Core/
Balance 2
12Going ForwardsSummary & ResearchTherapiesPurpose & the Future









Please click here for a short ‘taster’ video, to give you a feel for what each video can give you.

In addition to the 48 videos the programme includes:

Guidance Notes accompanying each video, in PDF format, summarising the main points and acting as a support and reminder for each topic. These can be downloaded and printed.  For reference, please download The Programme Topics here.

An Exercise Library containing exercise routines and demonstrations covered in the programme, including:

  • 3 x Mobilisation routines
  • 2 x Resistance routines
  • 3 x Cardio workouts
  • Flexibility
  • Breathing
  • Posture
  • Core
  • Gait cycle

These are all downloadable so you can keep them to play on any device.

A Recipe Library, containing a range of dishes following the 4D Life nutrition guidelines, covering breakfast, lunch, evening meals and desserts. These can be downloaded and printed out.

A Research Library, linking to relevant research and evidence behind the 4D Life programme, as well as new research as it emerges.

An Added Value section, containing interesting and useful material.

Movement & Nutrition planners. These can also be downloaded and printed out as required.

Your membership lasts for a full 12 months from joining, so you can really ensure the programme and information becomes a part of your life.

You can revisit the 48 programme videos as many times as you like during this time.

All the information in each Library is fully downloadable, and therefore accessible for life.

The all-inclusive cost of the Programme is £285. [ak_currency_message]

* Please refer back to ‘The Programme’ tab for more information on each individual dimension.